Widgetizing Any Page

I copied this page from quirm.net because their comments are closed and there’s a typo in the code that you insert.  The 1st line is missing a “)”.  The rest of the instructions were easy to follow, so I wanted to keep it out there for anyone to use! Most […]

Reblog using the WordPress

Press This for WordPress Speeds Up Blogging

My new favorite WordPress find is the “Press This” tool.  Although I’ve been working with WordPress for quite a while, this Tool has escaped my attention because the first time I tried to use it, I got a 403 Error.  Now that I know that it is a simple setting […]

Setting Up Email on Your iPhone

I found this simple video on YouTube today from dummies.com.  I think I’ll be hitting this site often to see the other simple instructions they have! For email accounts on our servers, please use the information that was provided to you.  That information may look something like this: The Step […]