Numlocks On Startup

If you’re like me, my network password is a series of numbers and I prefer to use the keypad when I login.  For whatever reason, my bios setting to enable numlock doesn’t work by the time my Windows 7 operating system boots.  And on my laptop, I don’t even have a bios setting for numlock.  Well, I’ve found an easy solution.

1. Click Start.

2. Type regedit in the Start Menu Search bar.

3. Click regedit under the programs listing.

4. Click Yes “to allow the following program to make changes to this computer.”

Caution! You are now in the registry editor and can seriously screw up your operating system if you are not careful.

5. To backup your registry before you make any changes…just in case… click File, Export, and save the file in a safe location.

6. Now that you’ve done that, click Edit, Find, and enter initialkeyboardindicators in the Find What box.

7. Click Find Next.

8. Double click on any Names that read InitialKeyboardIndicators.

9. Change the Value Data to 2 and click OK.

10. Click Edit, Find Next, and go back to step 8 until the message appears that you have finished searching the entire registry.

That’s it!  Now the next time you reboot your computer, your Numlock should be on and you will sing with joy!

Have fun every moment!

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