Setting Up Email in Microsoft Outlook

Setting up Outlook to retrieve your email is easy, as long as you have all of the information from your hosting provider. Check with your hosting provider if you don’t have all of the information you need.

For email accounts on our servers, please use the information that was provided to you.  That information may look something like this:

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  • The Incoming and Outgoing server names for our accounts are
  • The User Name is your entire email address.
  • The Incoming mail server port for IMAP is 993 and for POP3 is 995.
  • The outgoing mail server post is 465.


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Step 1

In Outlook 2007, go to Tools>Account Settings from the Main Menu.

In Outlook 2010, you simply hit the Office button (or File) and click the Account Settings button.


Step 2

You should now see the window below.  Click the New… button to create a new account, or if you are editing an account, click on it and click Change…



Step 3

In the next window, check the box next to Manually configure server settings  and then click Next>.



Step 4

Leave the Internet e-mail button selected and click Next>.



Step 5

Fill in Your Name as you would like it to appear in your emails and use the information provided by your hosting provider to fill in the Email Address, Incoming & Outgoing Servers, your User Name and your Password.  You will also need to select whether to IMAP or POP3 protocol.  The POP3 protocol will delete email as indicated in Step x, the IMAP protocol deletes emails as you delete them from your Outlook account.  This method keeps an identical list of emails between the server and your Outlook Account.




Step 6

Once you have completed all of the boxes, check the Require logon using Secure Password Authentication checkbox and click More Settings…



Step 7

In the General tab of Internet E-mail Settings, complete your Organization and Reply E-mail address.  These fields are both optional.  The Reply E-mail address defaults to the email address you are setting up.  If you’d like replies to go to another email address, enter that address here.  Click the Outgoing Server tab.



Step 8

Click the check-box for Authentication and then click the Advanced tab.



Step 9

Almost done!  Enter the port numbers provided by your hosting provider.  Here we are using the Port Numbers for Host Gator for POP3 mail. Click the check-box for SSL encryption and click OK.



Step 10

Click Next> and Finish and you’re done!



You should start receiving your email depending on how Outlook is configured to receive mail.






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